Saturday, 23 April 2016

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Google Summer Of Codes with WikiToLearn (KDE) !!

Finally , something that I have strived for the past 1 year . GSOC 2016 !! and that to with one of the biggest Open Source Community  - KDE.

Google Summer of Codes provides us the platform for students to start contributing in Open Source , an important step up in the development world. More importantly, it helps us to connect with people all over the world , which is very exciting and fun.

I came across WikiToLearn from the projects listed in KDE . I joined their channel and asked about the projects listed. Finally , I decided to go with W2L editor improvement and W2L Ratings. The mentors Gianluca Rigolleti , Davide Valsecchi and Irene Cortinovis were very helpful and patient. They replied to each and every query ( no matter how petty they were ) , which made any new student comfortable and relax. Series of discussion , research helped me forging the proposals

April 22,2016 : The D-DAY !!!.. I became a GSOCer ... in that too in one of the biggest Open Source Organisation KDE !!. A big thank you to Gianluca Rigolleti for accepting my proposal as well to W2L team.

I am only expecting this journey gets better and exciting and funny as stated by my mentor :P :)


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